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Time of your life, eh kid?

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Henry Miller through Markov Chains. Tropic of Cancer 'cut-up'

Recently I found myself playing around with some python code that generates random Markov Chain noise given any dictionary you supply it.  I had an eBook copy of Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer laying around  so I fed it in.  The results are pretty interesting (see below).  Definitely nonsensical but honestly, not so far from Henry Miller's writing style.  What other authors would be good to try? William S. Burroughs? Beatles lyrics could be fun...

'easily dusted with a cruel, saturnine air. She has nothing to it all. So they said. A little less repulsive because they are all gentlemen. gentleman'

"times, four times ... just like a piece of ass: it would be merely a question of promising her a tumble? It won't cost much she'll"

"cunt, it's just today that I'm no good for a Turkish Bath. It's a crime against the weight of the obstacles they heaped up about that"

"discoveries, new horizons. Let us have a terrific hunger though we've only had breakfast and been out for a little box over the signs of store"

"storm broke -- a mediocre one. In his pocket scraps of paper containing prescriptions for Weltschmerz. He is reminded inevitably of his and his friends' Anai's"

"that I don't remember which. (Usually it's the deaths that are there, the lepers, the thugs, and above it the long dull misery that was you"

"a cold alkali base, with saffron-tipped fingers. White, aye, but no cuisine. M. l'Econome was responsible for it as if all the time, like a tavern"

'so much, can you tell? -- if I look down into the novel.) Sometimes "in the middle of a little credit. Naturally ten francs on at'

'period and now I go there to mark a tryst. Brusque the facades, almost forbidding; immaculate except for a little before dinner, with my overcoat and'

'in fine fettle, drinking Anjou all the props from under the copy desk is so little hope, that life is nothing more, and you are close'

"Anyway, here I am a lean and hungry to seize with your petty little lies. Why don't you give them something to remember exactly what had"

'only one night in a while, just to furnish a little dough. And I broke another bill -- a composite of all kinds, etc. Call write'

"Must be strange taking that wooden stump to bed and were always strict with me. It's not hard to do when a cop came along without"

"German bastard! Somehow I don't want to leave June, and helped end his marriage by letting June know that he had gone by and still her"

'even less a European, or a beard. The shape of my mind reverts to a cafe an inscription from the balcony too, all along the clinging'

"without charging for it. You're no better than my virgin. There's something more primitive. He would borrow his father-in-law's car, for example, and tear about girl"

'minutes to go. In one realm only are they free and fantastic in design, like those frost patterns which seem so ludicrous to me to bread'

'set it off. Back of the astral bodies and demolish the Einsteinian conception at the same time monstrous, hideously monstrous because the God in Moldorf dead.'

'that can be touched for a while," he says, he got an extra shirt, a clean birth. Everything cut away. Separate, naked, alone. Bliss and simultaneously.'

"She's a big, empty bladder. You are gude teacher. I make your ovaries incandescent. Your Sylvester is away and the dogs to bark. Love and despair,"